ClothesMake Terms and Conditions

Dear user:
Welcome to join in ClothesMake. Before the registration please carefully read the following terms: these terms are available between ClothesMake and users and have the validity of the contract. Once you agree to these terms, it will have legal effects. Please read all the conditions and terms before register, and let us know if you have any question.Once you press the “Register” button and register successfully, we regard that you agree and sign these terms whether you have read it or not.

1. Terms and Condition

1.1 The ownership and operation right of all the online services belongs to ClothesMake. By visiting the website, navigating and using it, make sure that you entirely agree to these terms, whether you create an account, register or log in to your account on the Website. Users should confirm: These terms and conditions are made to deal with the right and obligation of both ClothesMake and users, and it is constantly effective. Some adjustments will be made according to the legislative system or some special conditions that be reached consensus between ClothesMake and users.

1.2 Once users agree to this condition and terms, users be regarded as persons can independently intake the law responsibility, and hold the right to enjoy services that ClothesMake offered and to place orders on ClothesMake Website.

1.3 If you are under 16-year-old, you can only access and use it with the companionship of your parents.

1.4 We keep the right to deny offering service, to shut the user account, to delete or edit or cancellation of the order content.

2. Services offered

2.1 ClothesMake has the obligation to render the garment custom service through Internet, and users can access to the service only when agreed with the conditions and terms.

2.2 ClothesMake provides garment customization service for men. On our Website, we clearly offer production descriptions and 3D visualization display of the products. Our online design system realizes personalized design according to your tastes, combine your personal body measurement, selected fabric and relevant elements to provide customized services for you.

2.3 The user must undertake the following fees: garment custom fees, including but not limited to the cost regarding personalized design and body measurement collections, fabric selection, customized manufacturing.

3. Obligations of Users

3.1 To confirm all the information offered is true, accurate, complete, legal regarding the registration, order placement, or after-sales service applications. If any information has been changed, the account information ought to be adjusted as well.Users have to undertake all the responsibilities and results if the information offered is illegal, fake, inaccurate, incomplete, and ClothesMake keeps the right to stop the users from using, navigating the Website.

3.2 The user name, the body measurement data, address, contact number, e-mail that private information will be strictly protected by ClothesMake, except the condition that we have the permission from users or requirement from the legislation system, we will ensure that we will not send to any other third party.

3.3 The account name and password will be generated after registration, and you can change the password according to relative regulations. Users should carefully save, apply his/her user name and password. If there is any illegal invasion or security flaw, please inform us as soon as possible.

3.4 The users should know and agree that ClothesMake will send a message regarding registration, order process, and promotion to users through e-mail,text, phone, etc.

3.5 To avoid offering user’s own account to others, otherwise, the users should take the full responsibility for it.

4. The modifications and accuracy of content

4.1 The product price, quantity, stock information will possibly be adjusted, ClothesMake does not make any announcement.

4.2 Because the number of product information on the Website is extremely large, although that we are doing the best to ensure the accuracy of product information, but because there are some existing Internet technological factors as the objective reasons, the page displays may have a certain lag or error in this situation, please inform us once this occurs. We offer rewarding when users inform us of the errors.

4.3 ClothesMake has made efforts to display the accurate color and shapes of our products. However, due to the shooting lights, indoor lights, and monitors, the colors and shapes you see are mostly in line with your monitor and your screen settings, that is to say, we hardly ensure the colors and shapes are absolutely the same color of the products that delivered and received. Remember that the pictures offered is for reference only.

4.4 All the products and services are paid by dollars. If your credit card is not settled in dollars, your payment amount will vary according to the exchange rate.

5. Order Placement

5.1 Before placing an order, please confirm the product name, style, fabric, size, quantity, price, phone number, receiving information. If the personal information is different from user himself/herself, the users should take the full responsibility of this purchase.

5.2 ClothesMake offers customization service, so once we receive your order, we will process your order and arrange the manufacturing. If you need to revise your information, please contact our customer service team, also you can send the revising information to, and we will make the adjustment within 8 hours.

5.3 Except the obligatory provisions, when users and ClothesMake made agreement: All the products and prices on ClothesMake are displayed as Invitation of offers, you should fill in the quantity, price,payment, shipping address,contact type,receiving address(contract execution place), the contents of the contract ; the order information generated by the computer system according to the information you filled in, and the data is only sent to you as our Contractual Offer; Once we receive the order information and deliver the garment to you,we assume that users have been in contract with ClothesMake regarding the product. We will send you the products once you placed the order, which be regarded as an establishment of the contractual relationship between you and the goods you ordered; if users placed an order include a variety of goods but we mistakenly sent to users some of the goods, the contact has been made on the basis of the actual amount that users ordered.

5.4 Due to the marketing changes and some commercial unmanageable elements, we cannot ensure all the fabrics or products ordered are all in stock; users can cancel the order on these conditions.Whether the refund has caused by the cancellation of the order or some product qualities problems. ClothesMake will complete the refund process and send payment back to the user’s account. However, due to the efficiency of banking institutions, generally it takes 10-30 working days, but still it depends on the initial bank.

6. Delivery

6.1 ClothesMake will deliver the products you ordered to your address, and all the estimated delivery time is for reference only. That how long delivery takes is estimated by the whole customization process, the whole inspection process, the shipping address.

6.2 Users can have free shipping from UPS Worldwide Expedited if the purchase is above $150. We will charge $9.99 shipping fee and offer the UPS Worldwide Expedited service if the purchase is under $ 150.

6.3 Every piece of garment that ClothesMake offers will be processed under strict inspection so as to ensure users’ satisfaction. Usually, users will receive garments within 15 days. However, since ClothesMake insists on strict quality-control on every piece of garment, we will timely inform users if it needs alterations, which may delay 3-5 days. All of our orders’ shipping will via UPS Worldwide Expedited. Users can check the order state and shipping status in ‘my account- order records-order details’.

6.4 ClothesMake will not be able to take responsibility when the following situations happened: (1) wrong user’s information, wrong address; (2) There is nobody receives the products when delivered, and the order can not be shipped or be delayed. (3) some special situations (4) some irresistible causes, for instance: natural disasters, traffic regulation, unexpected war.

7. Refunds

7.1 ClothesMake is committed to providing the ultimate custom experience strictly in accordance with users’ personal design and body measurement. Thus, products are not standardized and have no value of reselling. Therefore, we will conduct strict inspections and make sure there is no quality problem, if users still hope to make refund even there is no quality problem, ClothesMake will charge 50% of the payment amount to cover the shipping cost and manufacturing cost, we hope users would understand( In fact, the cost is far more than 50%, however, we will intake this together with users).

7.2 If there are some problems in garments users receive, we would like to offer following methods to make up;

(1) If your garment does not fit you, we could offer you alterations compensation. You will receive alterations advice if you take the garments to a local tailor. We will make refunds maximum to $50 to you after you upload the receipt copy.
Specific refund amount as follows:
• 3-piece suits and Gala: $40
• 2-piece suits and coats: $30
• Jackets and dresses: $20
• Vest, pants, shirts: $10

If the garment cannot be fixed, we will refund the full payment to you.

(2) If our product doesn’t meet your need but you still want to keep it, we are willing to know your advises and will provide you a coupon and will offer improved service the next time when you make a purchase.
The coupon amounts as follows:
• 3-piece suits and Gala: $50
• 2-piece suits and coats: $40
• Jackets and dresses: $25
• Vest, pants, shirts: $15

All the coupons we offer have Instructions, and can only be used within some period but cannot be exchanged for cash. We reserve all the right for the final explanation for coupons.

(3) If what CM offered you disappointed you, we will make a refund to you and take the full responsibility.

7.3 Return and refund details please refer to term 5.4.

8. Intellectual and Industrial proprieties

8.1 Once users agree to these terms, it means that users exclusively and irreversibly transfer proprietary right of information that posted on ClothesMake at any time (including but not limit to customer evaluation, customer consulting,articles of all topics) to ClothesMake. Copyright proprietary rights( Including but not limit to copy right, publish right, rental right, exhibition right,performance right, display right, broadcast right, network broadcast right, photography right,recompose right, translate right, assembly right, and other transferable right) are all transferred exclusively and irreversibly to ClothesMake. The user should know that ClothesMake has the right to institute proceedings against any infringement.

8.2 Once users have agreed to these terms, direct copies, that use the content on ClothesMake Website for any other commercial purposes on any third party are not allowed(including but not limited to other websites, medias).

8.3 ClothesMake is the owner of this Website, therefore, we keep the right to make adjustment on our conditions&terms as well as website content, but we do not necessarily inform users. We have the right of interpretation under legislation conventions.

8.4 Except when legislation allows, if there is no written approval from ClothesMake, any company or person is forbidden to copy, share, quote, make a link to, capture all or part of content on ClothesMake. Otherwise, ClothesMake has the right to institute proceedings against any infringement.

8.5 All the information posted on Website(such as text, pictures, signs, icons, diagrams, sound track, digital download, data edit, software), are all proprietary information owned by ClothesMake and under protection of American and International legislation conventions. All the information is exclusive proprietary information,which is under protection of American and International legislation conventions

9. Modifications on terms& obligation of users

According to variations on national legislation conventions and website operations, ClothesMake has the right to make adjustment on these terms. The former version will be replaced by the modified one. If users do not agree to the updated terms, please stop navigating, using, or placing any order on Website; if users keep using our Website, it will be regarded as an agreement to the updated terms. We recommend you carefully read the conditions and terms or announcement on Website.If any single term is treated as abolished, invalid, or cannot be executed for some reasons, this term will be separated and the rest terms will still be effective and executable.

10. Others

10.1 The owners of Clothes are the operators on Website under the legislation system.

10.2 ClothesMake respects the legitimate rights for users and customers, and all the regulations, statements, and other contents are for the sake of offering more convenient and quality service to users. Suggestions and advice are warmly adopted by ClothesMake from users and different sectors of society.

10.3 Once users click the “ I agree terms and conditions” button, we regard it as full agreement to these terms. Please thoroughly understand the entire content.