How to become a member of the website?

You only need to create an new account with your email on CM's official website and verify your email. You could then activate the VIP invitation code in your email to become CM's member.

Can I change my login password?

Yes, you can change your login password in "My Account".

Could I change my account name?

Sorry, the account name cannot be changed for now.

How can I query the details of available coupons?

You could find all details of "Coupons" in "My Account".

Where could I find the coupon code?

You could find the coupon codes on our banner or other ads on the website. Or, you could contact the customer service team. Moreover, you could subscribe to our email( to receive messages about our promotional activities.

Can I customize a suit jacket, a pair of pants or a vest separately?

You could customize the suit jacket or vest separately now. But customizing pants alone has been scheduled.

How can I make sure I have successfully placed an order?

Confirmations are sent via email within 30 minutes when 1) your order has been received or 2) your shipment has been processed, based on the valid email address provided to us. You could also view your order status in “Order Records.” If you did not receive any confirmation emails, please check your email spam filter. 1) select as a trusted website domain in your spam filter. 2) To avoid any duplicate orders, please go to “My Account” to verify your order has been placed before resubmitting your order. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your order status to change.

Can I view my transaction records?

 You could view all your transaction records online. You can log in "My Account" and click "Order Records" to view all relevant transaction records.

Can I place an order by phone?

Sorry, at this time, we are unable to process orders by phone. After all, you could get a better customization experience on the website.

Can I place an order on your platform if I am not in the United States?

Yes, you can. However, the extra shipping fee should be born by yourself.

Can I make adjustment to my order (ex. style, fabric, measurement)?

You can make changes to your order within 24 hours after placing the order, and please send an email to for this.
After 24 hours the garments have already been cut/tailored and can not be changed anymore.

Can I change the custom options if I have paid the order?

You can change the options within 24 hours. But it will depend on the production progress if your order has been submitted for over 24 hours, and then you could contact our online customer service representative or send your request to We will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Can I delete a product in the order submitted?

(1) You could cancel the order and place it again before payment.
(2) You could contact the online customer service team after payment. If the order is being produced, we would refund you 50% of the order. But if not, we would provide you with a full refund.

How can I cancel my order?

- If you have not paid for your order yet, please go to your user account and delete the order.
-If you have already paid for your order, you have 24 hours to email us ( , We will then cancel the order and refund the paid amount.
- For order canceled after 24 hours of purchase, you will be charged 50% of the total order amount.

How will my order be packaged? Do you provide the gift package service?

All of CM’s customized garments are shipped with high-end and fine packages.

Where can I find my order status?

You can see your order status in " Your account"-" Order Records"-" Order details". In addition, we will email you once your order has been shipped.

How long need I take to receive my garment?

CM garments are made-to-order and will be delivered right to your door within 15 business days.
However if we need to contact you regarding any measurement or query, this will add to the delay.

What's your charge standard of the physical distribution?

To American Clients:

  • Order above$300, exempted of charge
  • Order between $250 and $300 , a flat rate of $9.9 shipping fee will be charged
  • Order below $250, shipping fee is $15.9.

To Other Country's Clients:

  • We can make a shipment, but the delivery fee will be born by yourself. Any question, please contact us(

What payment options does CM offers?

CM offers a variety of payment methods:

  • - Major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, JCB.
  • - Paypal.

Can you accept cash on delivery or bank remittance?

Sorry, we do not accept these payment methods.

Why my credit card was rejected?

Your credit card was rejected because

  • (1) Your card has expired. Please check if your card has expired.
  • (2) It exceeds your payment limit. Please consult your bank about the payment limit.
  • (3) Some information you enter is incorrect. Please check whether the information in required fields is correct.

If you still cannot pay, please contact with your issuing bank.

Are these payment options safe?

Absolutely. Your personal data is very safe with us. All the data on our flat-form is processed under AES - 256 encryption algorithm as well as Class 3 Organization Client Certificate is applied on our web.
Meanwhile, our payment interface is provided by Paypal, the data will be secured by Paypal.

Would you provide the invoice?

We can only provide the electronic invoice that is similar to shopping vouchers.

Which courier do you work with?

All CM’s orders are shipped via UPS.

Can I choose the specific delivery time?

Sorry, all CM’s orders are shipped via UPS, so we could not decide the specific delivery time. However, you could note that you would like to receive your order on weekdays or weekends when it’s being placed.

When will be my order sent off after being placed?

We will send off your order in about 8 days after its being placed. You could track it in your "Order Records"

Would you accept urgent orders?

Sorry, we must follow the strict production process to ensure the quality of each garment, so we cannot accept the greatly urgent orders.

How could I confirm the distribution status?

If your order is being shipped, you could check the concrete logistics information in the "Order Records".

Why is my order not yet shipped?

You can track your order on the website. And several reasons may result in your order not being shipped:

  • (1) Some information in your order may need to be confirmed, and our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible in this case.
  • (2) Your order may be ready for shipping, but the information has not been updated. Please wait patiently.

How can I change my shipping address after placing the order?

Yes as long as the order has not yet been shipped.
Please send an email to to submit your request for address change.

Q14.Could I change the delivery address if my order has been delivered?

Sorry, the delivery address of your order could not be changed again if it has been distributed. You could contact the local courier to change your address if possible. However, you must bear the extra cost produced by the change of address. We greatly suggest you to check your delivery address before placing an order.

If my order has been produced but not yet shipped, can I change it any more?

The change of some small details could be allowed, but the shipping date might be affected. And some big changes are not allowed in this case.

What if my Suit does not fit ?

If there are some problems in garments you receive, we would like to offer following methods to make up;

(1) If your garment does not fit you, we could offer you alteration compensation. You will receive alteration advice if you take the garments to a local tailor. We will make refunds maximum to $50 to you after you upload the receipt copy.

Specific refund amount as follows:

  • • 3-piece suits and Gala: $40
  • • 2-piece suits and coats: $30
  • • Jackets and dresses: $20
  • • Vest, pants, shirts: $10

If the garment cannot be fixed, we will refund the full payment to you.

(2) If our product doesn’t meet your need but you still want to keep it, we are willing to know your advises and will provide you a coupon and will offer improved service the next time when you make a purchase.

The coupon amounts as follows:

  • • 3-piece suits and Gala: $50
  • • 3-piece suits and Gala: $50
  • • Jackets and dresses: $25
  • • Vest, pants, shirts: $15

All coupons we offer have instructions, and can only be used within some period but cannot be exchanged for cash. We reserve all the right for the final explanation for coupons.

(3) If what CM offered you disappointed you, we will make a refund to you and take the full responsibility.

How could I do if the color of garments I receive is different from that on the website?

We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colors of our products online. However, since the actual color you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.


  • (1) If you can accept the color differences, we would offer you a coupon that can be used next time.
  • (2) If you cannot accept the color differences, you could apply for a return.

What if my garments are damaged?

Upon arrival, please inspect your garments carefully and report any damages to the CM Customer service team ( within 5 business days upon receipt of the item. We will evaluate the issue on a case per case basis.
If the package has been damaged during shipment, we will request for a photograph of it. We will replace the order as long as it has not been tampered (washed, cleaned, etc).
While we offer only the finest fabrics in the world, to ensure the highest quality garments possible, we cannot be held liable for damages caused by personal wear.

How could I return the garment I don’t like?

You could apply for returns in "/user/orders">My Records" after confirming it. Once the return application is approved, you could print the express waybill and hand the goods over to UPS.

When will I receive a refund?

You will receive the Paypal refund within one week, and the credit card refund within 40 days. Please keep in mind that the specific time of credit card refunds is always up to your bank / institution.

Would the coupon that I used when I placed an order be sent to me again for the refund?

The coupon could still be used if your order was canceled before being paid. And it could not be used again if your order had been paid.

Should I bear the delivery cost for the return of defective products?

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by defective products. And we will bear all delivery costs incurred in this case.

Does CM offer garments in standard size?

CM provides true made-to-measure experience therefore every piece of garment is tailored based on body measurement provided by each customer. However if you prefer US standard size, we can certainly do that for you.
While we do encourage customers to take advantage of our full custom service. An easier way could be filling out your height, weight and age and our in-house experienced tailor will estimate your body shape with a reasonable accuracy.

How could I choose the appropriate size for me?

(1) If you are in the standard size, you can place an order with your regular size.
(2) If you are in the standard size, but some parts need to be customized, then you could choose the regular size for some parts and provide the specific measurements for some other parts.
(3) If you are not in the standard size, you can follow the online body measurement video to get your specific body measurements.
If you have no idea about your size, please click here to refer to the size table or contact the online fashion adviser for some professional suggestions.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

We know that getting your own measurements taken may seem daunting, but with the help of a friend and our measurement guide videos, it’s actually quite easy and fun. So, there’s no need to get measured at a professional tailor.
Furthermore, we review every customer’s measurements thoroughly to ensure that nothing seems off.
If something does, we’ll reach out and ask you to remeasure particular areas. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

Can you copy the fit of an existing suit that I have?

No, we do not duplicate the fit of other suits. We prefer to make a suit based on your body measurements instead!

Can I submit my own measurement, not according to the measurement tutorial?

Here at ClothesMake, our method of measuring is quite unique to our process, so please be sure to follow our Measurement Guide as closely as possible. Our level of accuracy is directly related to the information you provide and the measurements you submit. Please understand that while we cannot be held liable for personal measurement errors, we remain committed to all of our customers and will always offer to share in the cost of a remake, if one is requested.

Could you provide me the data of my ready-made garments If I want?

Yes, please contact our customer service (

Is CM a sustainable brand?

CM promises that all of our products are produced ethically and sustainably. We choose sustainable fabrics and do not exploit our workers. Actually we insist on distributing more profit to our experienced tailors, as to motivate tailors to 120% dedicated themselves to garment-making. Thanks for selecting CM and helping to promote the sustainable producing pattern.

Where are CM’s custom suits and shirts made?

All of CM’s garments are made in Shanghai by our professional "Shanghai-style" tailors.

How can I contact CM and what is your turn around time?

You can use our online live chat system to contact us for urgent request. Or you can send email to ClothesMake customer service representatives are committed to respond via email within 24-48 hours on weekdays.

Can I see a sample of your material/fabric?

Given the high cost of fabric, it isn’t feasible at this time for our mills to send us individual samples.
We are working hard to figure out how to make this possible for our customers. But in the meantime, we’ve invested in top of the line, high-resolution scanners to provide crisp detailed images of all of our fabric.

Can you provide me a product manual?

Sorry, we cannot provide the product manual at present. And all styles we can offer are shown on the website.

Can you provide me a product manual?

The fabric components labeled on our garments are tested by our tailors to ensure their authenticity. All of our fabrics are purchased in bulk from textile mills, so our garments are cheaper than those in physical custom shops and we can also get the latest fabrics in time. In addition, we save the high rents of physical stores and then can offer more price concession for our customers.

Can I enjoy more discounts if I place several orders in one time?

You can communicate with our online customer service team according to your specific order requirements.

Can I enjoy more discounts if I place several orders in one time?

You can communicate with our online customer service team according to your specific order requirements.

How can I get the information about activities and discounts? When will new products be launched?

We will launch new products and promotional activities irregularly, so we hope you could follow our social media, browse our official site now and again or verify your email to get the news instantly.