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You probably be invited to a cock-tail party, but when you open your wardrobe, do you get no idea of what to wear? Or you are fed up with wearing the same design with others.

With us, you can receive professional advices about how to select a suitable garment for any occasion.

Additionally, you can personalize details: the cuffs, to the collar styles, even the button material, which means you would be a designer to create your exclusive item.

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Our specialized team devotes to make a simple but professional customization system.

Through some easy operations, you can design the garment exactly matches your taste, from styles to details, fabrics to buttons.

With CM, you can own garments that match your aesthetic sense.

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For the sake of your convenience and the measurement accuracy, CM offers you some easy-to-understand measurement methods:

1.You can input your height and weight or the regular US size that you usually wear, and we will automatically calculate your body measurement range.You can take these data as the reference data, but we do not recommend you directly apply it.

2.If your BMI is standard, we can customize a garment for you based on the US standard size.Please do some adjustments If some parts of your body are relatively special. Or you can make body measurement as the guidance video that we provide you.

Additionally, our measurement tutorial video makes it convenient for you to take measurement wherever you are. All you need are a tape and a friend, and within 10 minutes you can collect all the data needed.

In order to verify the accuracy of sizes and details, our headquarter will validate the coherence and correctness.

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After the payment accomplished, your order will arrive at our headquarter for validations so that tailors can work on the basis of it.

Fabric cutting is based on your requirements and the garment features. To avoid the error when cutting, our tailors mark on the fabric and undergo hand-cutting. Eventually, your unique item will be completed with the superior handcraft of our experienced tailors.

Our tailors averagely have 10 years experience, and because of this, we guarantee that every piece of garment be manufactured in high quality.

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ClothesMake endeavors to offer highly qualified garments. We set strict quality control system before and after manufacture.

Before fabric cutting, our team verifies all the data are correct. After the garments are sewed up, tailors check every item to ensure it is finely handcrafted.

Finally, the garments are sent to our quality assurance department. After detail-review, garments are allowed to be packed to our customers.

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Our products are placed in an exquisite package which is waterproof and crease resistant.

We also make the industry designed frame to undergo a long trip.

The garments are still maintained in perfect shape when they are delivered to you.

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After you receiving the package and trying on the garment that we customized for you, we would like to know your opinions. If you are satisfied with the purchase and willing to share your shopping experience on your social media, we will give you a coupon as a rewarding.

However, if you think there are some problems with the item, we are willing to help you to deal with them. We offer three choices to compensate for.

1.  If our product has quality defects, you can apply for a full refund. No risk!

2.  Besides, you may take the item to a local tailor if it only needs a minor adjustment. We will cover the expense up to $50.

3.  Besides, if against all odds, our product is not as perfect as you expected but you still want to keep it, you can apply for a coupon which can be used in the next order.