Craftsmanship introduction

High-quality garment depends heavily on experienced tailors. In ClothesMake, all tailors are “HAIPAIN” craftsmen with more than 15 years of tailoring experience, who could make sure your garment is made with perfection. Taking suits as an example, four main processes that contain more than 360 craft processes would be covered before a suit being presented in front of you . In order to provide our customers with the most cost-effective customization service, we always put our best efforts into every detail.

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Pattern making, Cutting

ClothesMake believes that everyone has a uniquely different body shape. So in the customization journey, our professional tailors would first examine your body measurements by referring to your photos and the customer database, and then check your age, weight and wearing occasion before making your garment. In this stage, the pattern making would be adjusted slightly for several times until we get the most suitable design for you. Only on this basis would we then start the sophistic cutting.

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ClothesMake’s sewing process contains extremely high requirements and numerous processes. For example, the half-lined technique is applied into all suits in order to ensure its drape; every single button would be sewed more than four rounds to ensure its firmness, sewing track requires to satisfy the standards of whip stitching, 8 stitches/3cm, locked stitched and 13 stitches/3cm, and no overlarge sewing holes and flaws would be allowed. And most importantly, patterns of semi-finished products should be calibrated for several times in the sewing process, because sewing skills would determine the quality of garments as well as test their extensibility.

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Garments after being sewed still need professional equipment and processes for shaping, which decide if the garment would fit your body shape perfectly or could give play to your strong points and avoid your shortcomings. And then, garments need to be ironed entirely from top to bottom according to the fabric orientation, during which reverse ironing is forbidden. As the entire ironing ends, no ironing trace, stink or extreme gloss would exist. In order to guarantee you get an exquisite product, each process of CM must strictly follow the operational and craft requirements.

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Quality Control

ClothesMake strictly controls our quality and ensures every garment to pass the fabric selection, pattern making, cutting, sewing, ironing and packing examination, which would be operated by our experienced quality inspectors and technicians. If there are some quality problems in one process, the whole process would be denied. Every garment you receive would also be attached with one letter signed by our quality inspectors. We make sure every process could be tracked so as to ensure each piece of garments you receive is perfect for you.

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