Arrange Your Summer Wedding Styles


If you were the groom of a wedding, your only job is to make you outstanding because it’s the day when you are the hero of the whole stage. We firmly believe that a well-tailored suit/ tuxedo is the essential that should be hanging in your wardrobe. Precisely tailored and impeccably streamlined, being as the arsenal of elegant go-to suits.

However, wearing the tux that the same with others would be a boring trap. Why not seize the opportunity to bolder your hues or just select the floral printed accessories? Wear a fussy dinner jacket or chic bow tie. Take a chance, you only marry once !

City wedding

Theoretically, everyone would choose a formal attire for their wedding, which includes one tailored tuxedo, a dress shirt, one pair of elegant leather shoes. But being too formal is just a sea of sad. So make the most of your accessories and get yourself a bold-but-still-classic tie and pocket square. Embellished by floral prints or classic paisley jacquard, which make a great balance between elegance and uniqueness.


Black Wool Tuxedo Suit

The hue of black well embellish your body silhouette, the single-breast comes in a densely woven wool fabric will be your go-to choice. A dynamic combination of simplicity and elegance, it will be the essential in your collection!




Outdoor wedding

It’s cool to hold a wedding ceremony outdoor on which you can have party with your friends till night. But if you wear the suits that would be fine at job interview or a funeral, you’re definitely wrong.  


Rock a jacket and accessories that demonstrate your excitement for your happiest day and your coming invitees. Lighten your colors, such as lustrous blue, teaming it with clashing light pink shirt and pastel green tie/pocket square.


Navy Blue Tuxedo Suit

 Supreme details: satin lapel, flap pockets, single breast, all demonstrating our refined craftsmanship. Impeccably tailored from navy silk-wool blend woven and cut to slim silhouette, it will be the best choice for any important occasion.




Beach wedding

Summer is around, having a beach wedding is trendy. It’s a wedding but more like a vacation, imagine that how will you dress up if you are going to have a beach party?

Pastel hue items would be the go-to choices, a morning blue linen jacket, fresh pink check shirt, light khaki chinos, air gray loafers, and most importantly, a sunny yellow sun-glasses.

As for the pocket square and tie, quit trotting out the same tired stripes. It's a beach wedding, parties are everywhere, and undoubtedly Hawaii floral printed ones   represent all the beach wedding virtues: sunshiny, floral, refreshing.


Sky-blue Wool-Silk Blend Blazer

We employed supreme craftsmanship to create smart blazer that is perfect for daily wear, which is exactly this sky-blue wool-silk jacket. It's beautifully cut to a slim fit with notch lapels and front patched pockets to make a casual and elegant feel.