10 ESSENTIAL Every Day Carry Items For Men



(Every Day Carry)

What comes to mind when you hear those?



Lifesavers (a little exaggerated, but true).

Don’t you hate those moments when:

That’s why you should bring EDC’s wherever you go…

They can come in handy…

…at any point in time (you just never know!)

EDC Item #1 – RFID Shield Wallet

The world is getting bigger by the minute… as well as shadier.

So you should never let your guard down when it comes to your belongings. Thieves are getting more clever and discreet these days.

Especially with your wallet. You want to carry around a RFID wallet – as in one that’s specifically designed with RFID-blocking technology.

That feature keeps all its contents extra secure – by preventing reader device signals from gaining access to sensitive information (found in your IDs or cards).

And if your wallet is the bulky type that’s placed in the back pocket – you better change it. Buy yourself a RFID front pocket wallet to avoid being pickpocketed wherever you go. The slimmer it is, the more comfortable it’ll be to use.

Some modern wallets with RFID-blocking technology have a magnet money clip instead of slots to hold your cash (the best types can hold over a dozen bills if they’re folded properly). The thinnest versions have 3-4 card slots and a single ID window. Those are worth considering.

EDC Item #2 – $200-$500 In Cash

If you don’t travel out of the country that often, you can get so used to cashless payments that you practically don’t keep cash around anymore.

But reality check – not all places in the world (or remote areas in the US) have a credit card machine readily available. So always have a couple of bills in your wallet wherever you go.

When you visit another country, make sure you bring new, crisp, and unmarked bills – since old ones aren’t always accepted (you’ll need to exchange them in the bank beforehand).

EDC Item #3 – Two Forms Of ID & 3 Credit Cards

I never forget to carry around a valid ID everywhere. When I’m going in and out of the country, that’s automatically my passport.

In all other cases, I have my Driver’s License in my wallet. But I also find my Military ID quite useful in the US – particularly for getting discounts.

And then I always bring a credit card – three of them, actually (in case one experiences a problem or isn’t going through). Two business cards and one personal.

Look at cash and credit cards as two peas in a pod. It’s ideal to have both all the time.

EDC Item #4 – A Vincero Watch

Every guy needs a fancy watch to go with his day-to-day wardrobe – and also to tell the time quickly!

Does that mean you ought to save up for those big brands? Nope. We have quality watches from Vincero that do the trick for less money. And I LOVE them.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are – or if your shirt is dark or colorful. Vincero will always make you stand out with an extra dose of stylishness.

It’s more than just a nice timepiece – it portrays you as someone trustworthy, reliable, or even unstoppable. It shows you’ve got a keen eye for details. That you’re most likely successful in life.

When people in public areas need directions or want someone to take their picture, you’re going to be the first one they stop and ask for help. You can thank your Vincero watch for that kind of flattery… and positive attention.

EDC Item #5 – My Phone & External Charger

*Sigh* if only we were able to invent cell phones that never run out of juice.

But that’s the way any gadget is… or any machine is in general. It needs to be able to recharge just like human beings need sleep.

Bring a charger and battery whenever you’re going to use your phone a lot during the day. It helps to store them in a small bag you’re also carrying (see #7) so you can save pocket space.

EDC Item #6 – Headphones

As a guy who likes to learn something new every day – I’ve really come to love Audible books and podcast apps.

They give me an opportunity to just sit back, listen, and pick up new information whenever I’m killing time traveling.

So that’s the thing about carrying good headphones. They allow me to read a full-length book without the physical copy.

Without that extra weight to worry about. And you can do it inside a moving vehicle unlike actual reading (since most people tend to get dizzy from it).

EDC Item #7 – A Satchel

Small satchels (or man bags) are pretty much the male version of a purse. So keep that in mind – they’re NOT women’s items. There’s no shame in using them.

Satchels are really handy when you’re taking short trips over the weekend – or when you’re going through the general hassles inside an airport.

I should know – a satchel makes it much easier to keep not just my passport or travel documents, but also those of my wife and four kids.

I can bundle them up and take them out with no hiccups whenever necessary. I spare my wife from that kind of burden… while I get to exercise my duties as a good husband and parent.

EDC Item #8 – A Good Pen

I prefer to carry around with me a simple pen – one that’s durable and disposable. I always make sure it’s not expensive.

After all, I do have four young kids… and you know how children aren’t exactly the best with returning stuff.

EDC Item #9 – A Large Paper Clip

In all of the years that I’ve done traveling – I’ve realized how valuable large paper clips are (especially the heavy-duty types). They can perform certain tasks the same way as sharp objects which get confiscated inside airports.


EDC Item #10 – Tissue & Wet Wipes

If you have kids like I do… you can imagine the hassle – and drama! – of not having tissue in a place where it’s not provided.

Wet wipes… they’re even more of a lifesaver when you travel with family. Enough said.

But even when you’re just by yourself, don’t underestimate the importance of tissue paper. Even for something as innocent as a sneeze or a cough. Always cover your nose or mouth when experiencing either one of those in public – for the sake of good hygiene.